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Pods Pro by SKCDEV

Pods Pro


Extend how you use the Pods Framework with pro integrations built by Scott Kingsley Clark, the project’s lead developer.

Choose the add-on package that works for you, with support for advanced permalinks, advanced relationship storage and list tables, and in-depth integrations with popular page builders, WooCommerce, TablePress, WPGraphQL and Zapier. Need priority support? Check out the new Priority Pods Support options.

  • Built by the ultimate Pods pro: Who better to extend the Pods Framework than the lead developer himself? Be confident that any add-ons and integrations you use will work every time.
  • Page Builder Toolkit: Connect your Pods content in new ways with support for 8 different page builders. Use Pods content types and fields with dynamic content sources.
  • WooCommerce Toolkit: Add groups of fields to WooCommerce orders with full support for HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage).

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