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Bertha AI by Bertha AI Plugin and Chrome Extension

Bertha AI

by Bertha AI Plugin and Chrome Extension

Create engaging content without the hassle of... well, creating it. has been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content to help you publish better content on your WordPress websites. From crafting website and social media copy to writing product descriptions, sales copy, blog posts, and transcriptions, can write it all.

  • Easy to use: With Bertha’s intuitive interface, quickly generate top-notch content in no time – up to 90% faster than before!
  • Quick install: Enter details about your business, ideal customer, and tone of voice, and Bertha will be ready to write about your brand.
  • Chrome and WordPress extension: Access Bertha anytime, anywhere while you browse the web.

In collaboration with Guildenberg

Guildenberg helps WordPress-focused product companies grow, work well with other products, and partner with your hosting provider to bring you their best offers.